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Renowned for its diversity of buffets and a la carte dining, “MENU” also provides a well balance of pleasurable relaxing atmosphere and private space for customers through its featuring interior design. The theme for the main dining area is a well blend of elements into a soft and tranquil colour scheme, created by contemporary luminaries recessed in the centre of the ceiling. This lighting scheme not only delivers visual comfort, but also enriching the dining ambience for customers.

Customers to “MENU” Restaurant can explore an array of new dishes from around the world, ranging from Japanese, vegetarian dishes to European and American cuisine. Each cuisine has its own unique features and ingredients. All “MENU” chefs are being chosen for the excellence in their respective cuisines to ensure the very best dishes and most memorable dining experiences.

Moreover, “MENU” is serving new menus and buffets as well as seasonal culinary delights regularly. A wide range of menus can be found during lunch hours so as to provide a novel dining experience for the working class around the habitat. All the ingredients chosen are showcasing the chefs' perfect culinary skills and his passion towards food and gourmet. Last but not least, fulfilling the Menu motto of Best Origins, Menu is freshness.

Contact Information
Address:   3/F., E-Max, KITEC, 1 Trademart Drive, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel:           +852 2620 2909

Business Hours
Mondays to Sundays: 11:45am – 10:30pm

  好消息: 由2019年8月1日起,凡年滿65歲的之客人,可以長者價惠顧自助晚餐,如6位或以上惠顧(包括成人,長者或小童),同時再享低至*7折優惠,超值優惠 !

* 加一服務費以正價計算

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星期一至四:成人:$298 長者/小童: $208
星期五、六日、公眾假期及前夕: 成人:$328 長者/小童: $228
推廣日期: 2020年1月2日至2月29日 6:30pm 至9:30pm
凡3位成人惠顧,另1位可享免費; 6位或以上惠顧可享7折;該月份生日的客人更可獲贈一磅裝生日蛋糕乙個

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沙律甜品連一款主菜 每位$88
逢星期一至五 12:00nn –2:30pm供應 (公眾假期除外)

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2小時無限量供應以下小食 (30人份量,額外每位收費$90):
免費為生日小朋友製作大型易拉架 (提供多款特別造型背景,另附設橫額及邀請卡印刷服務)
查詢或預訂: 2620-2892或2620-2909

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