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The Metroplex

In 2014 The Metroplex@KowloonBay opened its doors to the public as a state-of-the-art 9 screen multiplex at the heart of Eastern Kowloon. The Metroplex@KowloonBay is a wholly owned cinema operating with the brand name called The Metroplex under Hopewell Holdings Limited. Located in the iconic Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre, E-Max, an investment property of Hopewell Holdings Limited, where many major international concerts have debuted for the first time in Hong Kong at the widely popular event venue Star Hall. The Metroplex is a self-operated independent cinema showing a wide range of films from Hollywood blockbusters, international award-winning pictures, film festivals, local, specialty and independent films in its 9 silver screens, the vast array of diverse film content will fit the likes of the most discerning audience. Moreover, being located in one of the Group’s investment properties KITEC,E-Max, Metroplex has the flexibility in cross platform entertainment such as film/music festivals, live streaming, concerts & shows, multi-media conferences, and many other events of similar genre.

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