Cart Noodles is one of the favorite local foods, 759 Noodles provides various choices in reasonable price and good quality.
G02, G/F, E-Max

Handmade burger with unique flavor, besides the standard burger with beef and pork, also serves vegetarian burger.
AS Cafe
B139A, B1/F, E-Max

Cafe Wellcome X BBQ Place provides lunch buffet at competitive price of HK$60 and wide range of services including American BBQ package, takeaway meal set, kids playground and pet-friendly facilities.
Café Wellcome X BBQ Place
21,23,25, 4/F, E-Max

Fusion cuisine of Southeast Asian and Western dishes plus pet-friendly space of over thousands square feet, the perfect place for the pets to enjoy every moment with their owners.
INN / Chill Inn
21 & 23, G/F, E-Max

B133A, B1/F, E-Max

Fairwood eSport
B101, B1/F, E-Max

Good BBQ’s workshop has been serving traditional Chinese BBQ (siu mei) to local residents for more than 30 years. Signature dishes include crispy pork belly, “Slow Cooked” char siu and boneless poached chicken. Adhering to tradition while modernizing the way siu mei is consumed, Good BBQ pairs traditional Cantonese roasties with home made kimchi and other side dishes.
Good BBQ
43, 2/F, E-Max

Hong Kong's Specialty Store for 100% Japanese Rice Omusubi
09, G/F, E-Max

15,17,19, G/F, E-Max

01, G/F, E-Max

Pacific Coffee’s motto “The cup, the thought, my way” embodies what we do—handcrafting quality coffees, offering a wide selection of fresh food items served with a personal touch in a cozy, comfortable environment.
Pacific Coffee
14, 3/F, E-Max

06, G/F, E-Max

04, G/F, E-Max

Taiwan Kitchen serves typical Taiwanese noodles, rice, snacks and dishes, you can find everything you want!
Taiwan Kitchen
03 & 05, G/F, E-Max

Uses the fresh ingredients from Japan, serves with the real taste of Japanese cuisine.
B145, B1/F, E-Max

Chrisly Café is a traditional themed café decorated with singers’ autographed album. Recommended dishes including fried egg with black truffle sauce on toast, roasted pork with macaroni, crispy bun served with sweet condensed milk.
Very Food - Chrisly Cafe
10, 2/F, E-Max

The best receipt with cheese as ingredients tailor made for cheese lover.
Very Food - 芝士食堂
11, 2/F, E-Max

Tomato Club is a local house brand restaurant with tomato as the main theme. Using different types of tomatoes, serving the special soup base only can be tasted here!
Very Food - Tomato Club
12, 2/F, E-Max

Wide range of Taiwanese Cooking, including beef noodles, braised pork on rice, salted chicken, brine platter, Taiwanese drinks and dessert.
Very Food - Good Taste
13 & 15, 2/F, E-Max

Iron plate bento served by Griddle Top is specially made for your double enjoyment of taste and vision.
Very Food - Griddle Top
17 & 19, 2/F, E-Max

Wide range of Japanese Ramen, rice bowl, set meal and Japanese snacks.
Very Food - 鳴日の食堂
18, 2/F, E-Max

Thai Legend is a Thai restaurant which treats the food quality and environment as the top priority. They adhere to keep the dishes, hygiene and services in high standard.
Very Food - Thai Legend
21, 2/F, E-Max

Wide range of Vietnamese food, including Pho, Hainan Chicken Rice and snacks, as well as special drinks.
Very Food - PHO
25, 2/F, E-Max

Gives a different choices of healthy vegetarian food for vegetarian and office workers.
Very Food - 素食軒
27, 2/F, E-Max

Customers can mix and match the flavors of the rice noodles based on their own taste.
Very Food - YUMMY
28, 2/F, E-Max

Casa Luca provides various Western Food, highly recommends Fried Spring Chicken, Grill, Hamburger, as well as some light food such as Salad and sandwiches.
Very Food - Casa Luca
34 & 34A, 2/F, E-Max

Hungry Korean is a fast food shop serving stone pot rice and spicy fried chicken rice awarded high evaluation.
Very Food - Hungry Korean
35, 2/F, E-Max

Provides various all-time favorite of local people, including iron plate meal, baked rice, steamed rice and Sichuan cuisine.
Very Food - 港嘢食堂
36, 38, 2/F, E-Max

Xi Shan chooses the best food to be its cooking ingredients. The experience chef team preserve traditional Chinese cooking techniques and methods in conjunction with the creation of new contemporary Chinese cuisines. Monosodium glutamate will not be applied, chefs' selected ingredients are always guaranteed to be fresh and healthy with a sensational arrangement of texture and flavor, all the cuisines are bounded to ignite your taste buds. Situated in the prime spot of Eastern Kowloon, E-MAX, Xi Shan is destined to be a star dining attraction. Welcome to pay a visit anytime!
Xi Shan
3/F, E-Max

Yu Mai started in 2011, adhere to select the best ingredients making the special fish soup and bring the customers a refreshing taste.
Yu Mai
B151 - 152, B1/F, E-Max
Accept "E-Max Food Voucher"