Normal Hourly Rate
HK$ 20 per hour
Free Parking Privilege
In one single electronic payment spending
Free Parking Privilege
Spending of HK$ 100 for 1 hour free parking
Terms and Conditions
Spending of HK$ 200 for 2 hours free parking
*Valid from 7 am to 12 midnight everyday (based on vehicle park-in time). Some shop tenants only have limited free parking quota. Please enquire with the relevant shop tenant to see if free parking can be offered before committing any purchase or expenditure.
Free Parking Privilege offered by The Metroplex
Privilege 1:
Free Parking Privilege
1 same-day movie ticket for 2 hours free parking
Terms and Conditions
Privilege 2:
2 same-day movie tickets for 4 hours free parking
*Any Receipts from the Metroplex (including purchase of movie tickets and products, joining of membership of the Metroplex, electronic payment, credit cards and The Snack Bar) are not valid for car park free parking redemption.
Electric Charging Services
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations located at B2 Floor, providing a total of 18 changers for public use.
Standard (13A) Charger : 4 nos.
Tesla Super Charger : 8 nos.
Tesla Medium Charger : 6 nos.
** please refer to in-mall posters for terms & conditions
Free Parking Redemption Locations:
G/F Shroff Office : 10am - 10pm
B3 Shroff Office : 7:30am – 12:00 midnight